Alpha channel not working

Greetings, according to a post about this, I’ve done everything right and it’s still not working. I downloaded a tree from CG textures with a transparent background. I imported it with the “use alpha” button checked. Then when I imported it I went to the N panel and check “use alpha.” But as you see in my scene, it isn’t transparent. Is this a bug?

a) Despite its name, the “pack” file comes without packed textures, which is unfortunate…
b) The node setup for the plane’s material does not use the texture’s alpha channel at all.
c) You say you “imported” the texture - how? By using the Import Images as Planes addon (IIaP)?

Just tried with a fresh scene: IIaP with “Use Alpha” checked creates a correct Cycles material.
Care to elaborate on your workflow? What version of Blender?


Blender 2.75 is the version I’m using. And yes, I used the add on import images as files. Imported this tree from CG textures:

There really is no work flow and according to this, I don’t need anything in the node editor for this to work:

I’ve also watched a blender tutorial that didn’t so anything special to have the image show up as transparent when the right file is imported and the two check boxes are checked.


Works perfectly fine here (2.78):

Blender 2.75 was released over a year ago. Perhaps it’s time to update, as whatever causes this seems to have been fixed?

thanks, I’ll update and see if that works.