Alpha channel overrides Glare filter?

I am just wondering how to make filters such as glare override the alpha channel of an image?

If I render an object, then go to the compositor and use an ‘Alpha Over’ filter to put the object over a background image, then add a glare filter to the rendered object, the glare effect only appears on the alpha areas and doesn’t ‘bleed’ over onto the background image.

Does anyone know how I can stop the alpha channel cutting off the extents of the glare filter?

Thanks in advance.

In the Glare node, set Mix to 1 (this shows the glare result without rendered object). Combine the Glare node with the result of the Alpha Over (Rendered object (NO glare) + background image) using a Mix node set to Add. Glare node is connected to the bottom slot. This should do the trick.

That works great. Thanks so much for your help.