Alpha channel Shadow

How Can I apply alpha Channel with the shadow casted throught the alpha area? take a look at the image I uploaded


in materials, for the object that recieves the shadow, click ‘trashad’.

I know but than the shadow does not interact with the a alpha Channel


you want the alpha mapped plane to cast a circular shadow on the cube, right? turn on ‘trashad’ for the cube.

correction, it’s now ‘trashado’

where can I find this trashdo?

ok! sorry! I found it. Thanks! Its under the object U want to shadow to be cast on > Materials Button > under Shaders Tab > trashdo.
But does that mean that what ever object that I want it to be affected by the shadow must turn on ‘Trashdo’ ?

yeah, for any object that the transparent shadow falls on, click trashado on.