alpha channel!!!

Hi all:

Sorry that I think this question has more to do with my ignorance on images than with blender. But anyway, there I go!!

Working with PovRay you could texturize a solid with an image. If the image was gif, where the colors are indexed, you could indicate the transparency of each color separately. So you could make dissapear the solid if you indicated transparency 1 for all the colors. This was very usefull for example to put text on the solids.

How can I do something similar with blender?


Yes you can use images with alpha. Here is a simply example. I loaded a PNG file of a Fly on an alpha background. When you load the image in the Texture channel, make sure Use alpha is selected. Then in the materials settings, click Ztrans, set the Alpha to 0.00 (not shown but alpha is on the Material tab as a slider with the letter A). Now, set the Map to both Col and Alpha. See the highlights in the following image.

One more note, while you can use Gif files, there 256 color pallet limit is not of much use. Using PNG or Targa files will provide high color graphics with alpha.