Alpha Clip a particle system of hair?

Hello all,

I am working on an art piece where I have a video of an animal. Not 3d at all. It’s a ProRes444 file with an Alpha Channel, applied to a plane, and alpha clipping applied. I’m trying to add hair to said animal, but the particles/hair appear all over the plane, when the desired behavior is to be applied just on the animal itself. Is there a way in Blender to “clip” where the particle system places hair, based upon an alpha channel, or some other such method of modification?

For example:
In the “Emit from” menu, there is “Faces, verts, or Volume” as options. I’m looking more for “From texture” or something along those lines. Or even if I could generate them on the entire face of the plane, but then remove them based on the Alpha, that would be good enough. Does anybody have any recommendations on how to achieve this?

You can add a texture to the particle properties. White color will have hair, black will not. I think alpha 0 will count as black. In the texture properties make sure the Influence > Density is checked.

You can also use a vertex group that you can paint in the Weight Paint mode, then assign it to the particle’s Vertex Groups > Density.

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Wow AWESOME! That did it!! Thank you SOOO much!!!