alpha gradient in viewport


first i want to say, that i think to have red all relevant posts concerning the “alpha in viewport” issue. i’m sorry if i missed a thread about that, and this is an obvious, already solved issue…

here’s the situation:
i imported 2 images with the “Images to Planes” addon, each of the images (png) contains an alpha channel with gradients. (a slight glow to the outside…)

these are the settings on both objects:

  • texture: Premultiply On

  • texture: use Alpha On

  • texture: influence: alpha set to 1.0

  • texture: Blend set to Mix

  • material: Shadeless On

  • material: transparency set to On

  • material: transparency: Z Transparency, Alpha set to 0.0

  • material: shadow all off

  • in edit-mode: object data: Texture Face: Transparency set to Alpha

the viewport shading is set to Textured using GLSL

The objects are looking fine, as long as they do not overlap each other. i stacked one of the objects ontop of the other, having a slight z-offset. both objects have the same x, y location.

this is how the viewport looks, when i deselect all, select all, or select the background object (the one with the blue texture)

the blue thing is an object, and the yellow star is another object. the star has an outer glow. you see that the alpha gradient is not shown correctly.

if i select the star, which is in the “foreground” the result looks how it should:

using: blender 2.57.1 on osx

what can i do to fix the appearance of the two objects in the viewport?

thanks for any hints


Its more useful to have access to your blend file. You can host it here Remember to pack all your textures in your blend.

its uploaded:

Can anybody verify this problem? (or is it just my machine having this problem?)

Is it a bug?