Alpha images, and reflection

I’m going to start a new project this week, and I want to use 2d into 3d. While doing some tests, I’m getting the following error:

The only way to solve this, is rendering separated, and using maps, etc. Will take lots of time.

My question, since the 2d images, are mapped in planes, and this planes got alpha value of 0, how can I fix this type of stuff when rendering with other material reflection ?

Thanks for your time

or it can only be solved by using render layers?

this is the test file, I’m using to do tests:

I do find, that, the alpha background of the image, get darker in Material buttons, then it does, in Texture button!

ok, finished. The thing is, you cant (or at least the way i’m doing), use planes with alpha images textures, working with objects with Ray Transp.

Since I’m just testing, to check possiblities on the project, I mixed SSS with Ray Transp, etc, etc.

SSS works fine with 2D alpha mapped images on planes. Really fine!

But, if you do put a object (such in this case, the monkey), with RayTransp, you get this error.


Ray tracing isn’t compattible with alpha. Sorry you got this far w/o an answer.

No need to apologize! I thank you for your time and answer :slight_smile:
Actually, its allways nice to post the answer to common problems.
Hopefully, this will help someone in the future =D


Wait! That’s an alpha mapped plane? (my connection couldn’t download your file…damn wireless). Try enabluing the TraShado button in the shaders tab for the mirror material and see if that works. RayTrans does worked for alpha mapped geometry, just not alpha effects such as halos. Also, turn off specular for the alpha mapped planes so their alpha channels can’t show specular reflection. That line you’re seeing is almost certainly the shadow of the plane and will properly cast the shadow of the texture when trashado is enabled for the receiving (mirror) material.

Good luck.

Hum ok! I’ll try that! I will update this msg back in a few seconds…
The 'TraSha" was already tested, etc, but not the SPEC one, I supose.

…after a few tests…

No, it just works if disabling “Ray Transp” for the monkey head.
The base plane /the plane/ whos reflecting, both, Monkey and Alpha
mapped Plane, gets that line (or actually the plane alpha).

If disabling Ray Trap, for the monkey head material, the plane reflects fine


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