Alpha in a reflection

Hello there! I’m making a logo for someone in which I made the logo and a reflective floor so the logo is reflected on it. He now wants an alpha background so it can be placed on his app or website and whatnot but he wants to keep the reflection. Is there any way in Blender for me to keep JUST the reflection of the logo and have the rest of the plane transparent just so that only the reflected letters are showing? In cycles btw. Thanks!

Don’t know about Cycles, but BI does allow you to grab that information in several ways. The reflection would be specular information, which, along with shadows and so-forth, is a separate channel of information. The reflecting surface can be put into a separate layer-number to separate it, and you choose only the specular information from it. That gives you “just the reflection.” It’s easy to produce Alpha information from that.

duplictate the scene, set it to BI rendering, activate only a reflection pass, and composite that with your cycles pass, should work, perhpas doable in cycles directly.

edit :

sorry I’m wrong, you’ll need to get the alpha from BI, but reflection pass only wont, have to play with compositor …

Awesome thank you, I’m going to try and work it out on the BI then. I really appreciate both of your help.

Here’s a cycles version