Alpha in Game Engine

How would I get,say a cube, to be 40% transparrent in the game engine?! (for example in this GLSL DEMO:


I do not know if it is possible to adjust the percentage, but using the GE’s UV mapping feature may be able to do something like that. (Try: UV Face Select>Editing(F9)>Texture face>Alpha + Assigning texture.)

You could use the Use Blender materials option and set the Ztranparency option then adjust the alpha slider to 0.4. Alternatively make a TGA or PNG image in photoshop with transparency and UV map it, making sure the faces have alpha activated in the face options.

No, that would work only if you render it…but in the game engine, if i set ztransparrent on, and the alpha slider above about 600, then the object is solid, and if i set it below about 600 the object disapears!

Ohh, ok i’ve got it now, I just had to select each side individually and then press the Alpha button in the edit menu individually, and then adjust the alpha slider.

Works fine for me, although the same thing happened to me the first time i tried, placed the alpha below 0.6 and i dissapears, restarting seemed to fix the problem. A bug possibly? You can use “copy draw mode” to apply alpha to all the faces at once btw.

omg! cool!

I thought i had to have an alpha masked texture for this :slight_smile: thanks blenderage.