Alpha ISN'T working

I think I’ve tried just about everything but I can only get alpha to work on an image texture. I’ve downloaded .blend files and it works fine on the Blend texures, so then Im like “Well mabye it will work this time”, but NOOO it doesn’t, it just doesn’t and I don’t know why, is anyone else having this problem, Alpha hasn’t worked for me since 2.37, so did they screw Alpha up somewhere, anyways if any of you can help me please, don’t hesitate.


can you elaborate a little more. What part of alpha isn’t working? What settings are you using? (Works properly for me)…
What effect are you aiming for?

Okay say I pick a cloud texture one for the color one for the alpha, col works fine but then I go to set the alpha texture and nothing happens, I try both setting, but still nothing happens. I recently download a .Blend off an FXs site and it used alpha so I played around with it there and it worked fine. So then I try for myself, in another file, and nothing happens. So what do you think could be wrong?

do you have ZTransp or Ray transp turned on with Alpha slider adjusted properly?

No I didn’t actually, but I tried that, and IT ACTUALLY WORKS! I still have to play around with it some but I got it working now, thanks man.