Alpha key edges

I’m trying to alpha key my goldfish. I used PS to carefully trim the edges of the fish before importing as .tga. However when I setup the Texture on the plane object. Blender adds a white border, though the plane itself is orange. How do I remove this white border?

did you check “premultiply”

That did it. Thank you Daren!

… and set background (plane) to receive transparent shadows too
…— the fish should not have a shadow of a quadratic-plane …

Thank you test-dr.
Your suggestion stopped the plane from casting a shadow. Now it looks like Betty. However when I put the bulb envelope around her it reappeared. Something to do with the glass material settings. Anyway I fixed it in PS. The art is for an up coming album of dance music called Eclectic. I included a sample. Thank you very much for your help guys.

only to prove that you could solve this problem too,
a simple render
image imported with addon-image-to-plane
set as transparent (alpha, etc.)
and put
into a cylinder.

For raytracing thru transparent objects, the setting of
receive-transparent-shadow has to be set for objects inside
and behind and the number of transparancy_depth has to be
pulled up (from the default 1) cause in this sample there
is 2-times the way thru the zylinder and another time the
way thru the tux-plane inside the zylinder.

And - like the sample-picture shows - there is still
the plane from the tux-image visible, because (what is normaly wrong)
the reflection was not changed and so the base-plane is slightly visible.