Alpha mapping in Nodes ??


Sorry, this maybe a repost but i couldn’t find anything similar in 992932983 post :P.

I’ve got a problem with my textures in blender with nodes.

Made a multi texture material with different UV texture on both sides of the plane. This work just fine. But i can’t figure out how to alpha map the same image in Nodes… even made a Black & White png but how do i apply it ? so i can mask the image out.

Any 1 abel to explain to me or got a better idee ?


To give a better image about what i’m talking about:

I applied this techniek with at node editor:

And i hope some knows how to apply a mask of alpha map in the node editor, so i can mask out everthing that transparant or green on the image :P.

Hope you guys got a clear image about it :P.

Thnx in regards,