alpha maps and Yafaray


I have a two questions regarding rendering alpha maps in Yafaray. I have an object with an alpha map applied to it. In addition to this i have added an additional texture over this. My goal here is to have the color image to only show up in the opaque part of the map. So essentially i want the alpha map to function as a stencil so the transparent part of the alpha will show no color of the image texture. The question is how do I render in Yafaray so that the diffuse map isn’t shown in the transparent parts of the alpha map? The second issue is this. I have found that when you add specularity to a material with an alpha map that the parts of the alpha that should be transparent are actually catching specular highlights when they should not. Does anyone know how to correct this issue? just to note I am using Blender 4.49 below is an example image. Thanks in advance for all the help.