Alpha mask leaving white rim around the border of black text?


I have recreated decals for a project of mine. Its all in black and white so they can be used as the mask aswell. The problem is that it leaves a white border around the black text which just looks terrible. I posted my node setup as well as an example of what is happening I can’t seem to figure out how to get rid of it. I am hoping someone know how, your help would be greatly appreciated.

Incase you cannot see the nodes I will name them. attribute>tex coordinates>image texture>diffuse>mix shader combined with the material below the decal. Same image texture used as the mask.



Can you post the image used?

Yeah here it is. This is the only one I got off the web


Thats the issue. The letters are severely aliased. Blender is having a hard time determining where the edges are and its interpolating and that is causing the lighter outline.

Wow ok so I know vector images are not aliased is there any way blender can use vectors in its place?

You have Blender and might have Inkscape as well. Use them… next time.

Thanks for your help guys I appreciate it