alpha mask

i did 2 feathers and use this as a mask

now i followed the wiki page for stencil
i added a green plane and then pic on it
but i get that the plane is supposed to be transparent but it take the same color than thw orld sky which in my case is Blue

is this normal behavior ?
or is there a way to have the plane really transparent ?

see pic


Well, did you do all the steps required to make the texture alpha enabled?

Does the texture have an alpha?
Did you enable the alpha?
Is z-transparency on?
It looks like you have the specularity of the pane turned on, turn that off.

no this is a JPG pic
i made it with blender

but i got the same problem whith the leave example in wiki which is a PNG file!
and still have the Sky color on the plane

so how do you get rid of this sky color and have it transp
may be it’s not possible !
i’ll test some more


hey man, like Atom said, more then likely you have the specular value too high, turn that down…also make sure you have Use Alpha, and Calculate Alpha turned on in the texture section of the material buttons especially if you made this texture using blender…and don’t forget the aplha channel in the map to section of the materials buttons…should work fine then

hope this helps

Check this thread!
Although it’s in bulgarian you can examine the images and files posted

did soe more testing

and i don’t read Bulgare but i did download the files example at the site
and check it out

now i can see 4 planes and the render doe show the leaves nicely
but i cannot find in the file any texture for leaves

where are they ?

i tried to redo the setup but i get the tranpsrent plane but only the contour of the leaves
what did i do wrong with this setup
see pic

i you could i would suggest that you translate this small tut and include it as a pdf file or even have it at as a wiki page it seems to be a very good example for this alpha tranps application

happy blendering

Happy blendering

I can open them without a problem.
That’s strange.
In all files the images are packed inside the blend file.
Just open them and examine the settings. Even in the figures the important buttons are marked.

(I am too lazy to write tutorials, please don’t ask me that :slight_smile: )

ok you nmean that you cannot open them!
that’s is strange

but is there a way to see these
i mean i cannot even see the image texture in F6?

where would they be and how to show theses

it’s a very easy tut to do may 2 pages that’s all
it’s not difficult!

i can do it if you cannot
but the only problem is that for the time being i don’t have PDF writer
i have to buy it - and i’m not planning to do that before next fall

can you make a new file an dupload it somehwere else if you cannot open theses

files - i need to make this work properly
for a project i have and get some new knowledge too
it’s fun to learn new things


Man, read my message carefully!

You can make PDF files with OpenOffice (esp.Writter) - its a free open source package which resembles Microsoft Office

good news

i got open office but never used a lot
i did not know that you could make PDF file with this

i’m going to check that out this night

do you know any tut for theses PDf open office?

When you say unpack what do you mean

and why we cannot see the texture in F5 texture panel
but when i do the render and i can see the leaves
but not the image or even the texture in F5

never seen something like before sorry

Thanks for the tip on open office
it’s a great news - now i can began building PDF with this! LOL

happy blendering

I haven’t use the word unpack anywhere :slight_smile:
In the UV/Image editor there is a button that lets you choose an image from a list. Try it!
In OpenOffice - write something, add some images, press File->Save as PDF

i did a test on the office org and exported as PDF

from a word file with pictures

but the pictures did not saved into the PDF file

do you know a way to save with the pictures
would be nice that’s certain