Alpha not working in Text textures?

Hey guys, i got a problem with the alpha textures, only in the text.
Actually i’m running my game in Multitexture mode (Graphic card got screwed and will fix it soon), but when i’m using text, the alpha doesn’t works right in the GE, but in the viewport it does, here’s a screenshot of my problem:

I had this problem in 2.49 once, but can’t remember how I fixed it. I think I re-imported the mesh, or redid the texture or something.

Sorry, that wasn’t much help.

This is what I did:
UV Editor:

  • edit mode unwrap
  • assigned Font Texture
  • unwrap around @ sign

Properties (Object mode)
Material Tab
add Material
Specular: to black or Shading: enable Shadeless
Game Settings:

  • Text
  • Alpha blend: Alpha Clip (recommended) or Alpha blend/sort (slower)

Texture tab
add a Texture
Type: Image or Movie

  • select your font Texture
  • Coordinates: UV
  • Color only: 1.0
  • Blend: Mix

When using Alpha Blend: Add
-> Texture Tab/Influence/Blend: Overlay