Alpha Not Working

All right, right now Im trying to create planet Earth and I have it set up with multiple spheres. So one of my spheres is my cloud sphere and I have my cloud texture for the sphere.I set the image texture to useAlpha and calcAlpha, then click the alpha button in the map to panel and then final turn down the alpha down to 0 so all that will show is the clouds and you well be able to see through to the planet. But that is not the case, you can’t see through it at all and I think its just showing the color of the background color.

Any ideas on what I should do would greatly help. With my luck it’ll probably be something simple but at least it’ll be solved.


There’s a button on the materials panel under the mirror trasp tab called ZTransp that you have to press. I had this exact same problem a while ago and it took me forever to find out what caused it.

Thank so much.

I knew it was a one button thing :x