alpha planes dont work?

ok…people make grass and things with multiple alpha mapped plane right?

when i click the alpha button after i texture a plane, it dosent go transparent, why, and how do i get it to work?

Does the image have an alpha channel, you need an alpha channel.

ummmm…ok…whats an alpha channel and how do i make one?

An alpha channel dictates how transparent each pixel is.

Most paint programs allow you to make images with alpha channels and you can render an image with an alpha channel in Blender by clicking RGBA

well, i have a 2d image, of some grass…in photoshop, how do i make an alpha channel for it?

usually in the layers menu, right click, and add alpha
although it’s much easier if you start with a transparent layer to begin with

Delete the parts of the image that should be clear, then save it as a .png.

There are several tutorials available on the net for creating alpha images in photoshop. A search in this forum for ‘alpha’ gave this link:

You will notice there is a tutorial to answer your question. Hope that helps

In most image-editing programs, transparent areas appear as “checkerboard” patterns. Note that only some formats support saving transparency: the most common are PNG and TGA.

If your not familiar on how to do that iliketosayblah, I just made a video tutorial that explains how to make a png file in gimp (pretty much the same thing photoshop also), place it on a object, UV map it, and set it to alpha. I hope it helps you out!

ok thanks guys, this really helps!

probably you shouldn’t make “transparent grass”?!
Transparent textures are fine for fences/grids or “graphic symbols” in a game interface or maybe some flowers or trees over grass (solid)?!
Anyway it’s quite easy:
in your paint program start a new TRANSPARENT image, make your work ( add transparent layers if needed) and save as PNG or TGA format.
If you need a “translucent” image, just reduce the opacity of your image with the cursor in the layers window.

yea, thanks OTO, but i worked it out! :smiley: