Alpha problem (make object turn into shadow and back)

Any material put on an object and assigned Mask/Z-Transparency will actually show other faces of the object as more opaque faces. How to make it so it shows just one side without turning toward the screen (billboard/halo)? It is supposed to give off a “shadow” or “toon” effect. Trying alpha clip only does alpha 1, any other value below is 0.

Its like with Twilight Princess on Zelda, Midna turns into a shadow and vice-versa, like that. How can I recreate this without the faces showing of the other side showing up?

Hey @Chompy

  1. It sounds like something is interfering with the collisions.
  2. Also if your hitbox has Material_Physics disabled that means you disabled physics for that object were that material is assigned.
    Why would you do that btw :thinking: :question: :question:

If you could upload your blend file I would be more then happy to take a look at it :slight_smile:

cat skin parented to armature, armature parented to hitbox. controls on hitbox, animations on armature.

catskin and armature needs to have no collision else it go fly indeed.