alpha problem


I’m having a slight problem with an import from Ivy. when rendering you can see the planes for the leaves.

but I can’t figure out what I’m missing in the settings :frowning:

who will help me on this one ?



click on one of the troubled leaves, press F6 to go to the texture buttons and click the “Use Alpha button”. if that doesn’t work then click the "Calc Alpha button. also make sure that the “ZTransp” button is enabled in the materials buttons (F5) and the alpha slider is taken down to zero (I think), then make sure tha “ZTrans” button is enabled on the Render tab of the render buttons (F10).

edit: if you want the leaves to cast leaf shaped shadows on other objects and on themse3lves then make sure that the “TraShado” button is enabled for all shadow receiving objects. be aware this will seriously increase render time and it only works with raytraced shadows.

Hi RamboBaby,

Thanks for your reply. As all the things you mentioned were used and tripple checked before, this thingy was driving me even more crazy, so it pushed me towards some more testing. I came up with this result: use the col,nor, csp and alpha button in the material tab (I hadn’t turned the nor and csp button activated), then it seems there is no more alpha problem anymore. I don’t know if this is the right way to go, but it did the trick for me.


If you are talking about output from the ivy generator, I usually dedicate a single texture just to alpha and then another for color and or normal.