Alpha problem

Hi! I’ve a problem with the alpha textures… to be more precise, I’ve a only shader with two submaterials that I applied a different number of textures in the channels.
These textures are png with alpha value applied.
So, I created a group of vertex for the material Eyes that including the skin withouth the faces for the mouth and a groupo of vertex for the materials Mouth that including the two faces withouth the skin and eyes.
I actived the buttons “Use Alpha” in Map Image, ZTransp in Links and Pipeline and in the Map to the DVar value is 0.

When I rendering, this is how appeare the image:

There is a kind of patch around the mouth… why??? :eek:

The only thing you didn’t mention was setting the alpha to 0. Other than that it seems you are taking the right steps. Your images are not displaying so I can’t help more without understanding the problem better.

I used also subsurface scattering in the material… if I rendering the scene without the sss, the textures of mouth appear without patch…

Hi 3dementia, try this way:

best regards

This is another test with the sss not custom, but skin 1: