Alpha problems????????

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ive got a tube one end has a texture of a grill with alpha channle to make holes in the grill witch works fine but then i put a plane behind this with a fan texture also alpha to get the shape of the “wings of the fan” i press p looking at the fan and grill and the fan disapearers i can see the tube and the grill infront but no fan?
Blender 2.34
this a bug or am i missing something?

now, your post is confusing if read quickly

lemme see if I understand this right, you see the fan [with an alpha texture] behind a grill, and it shows up on top.

if they are seperate objects [and there centers are reasonably placed] then this shouldn’t happen in blender 2.34.

if they are not seperate objects, give them a material and press the ztransp button [which now causes faces to be sorted before drawing in 2.34 in the game engine]

fixed i had billboard button pressed :stuck_out_tongue:

huh… How do you get alpha to work in the game engine?
I pressed the alpha button but the image stays the same.

did you press copy drawmode

does the image mapped onto the surface have an alpha channel?

did you try starting the game?


What format is the image?


Jpegs don’t have alpha channel support, you’ll need to use another format such as .tga or .png for alpha-channel transparency.

but it still works in the renderer right?

Ok again I do this monster post Mwhahahh :smiley:

How to do alpha in the game engine.

  • create an image, like 256x256
  • draw a cirkel inside it and some lines out of the cirkel to the edge of the image.
  • save the picture as .PNG
  • open blender, select a plane
  • put the texture on it
  • while in face select mode, select the face
  • go to edit buttons (F9 I thought) and hit the green button which says “Alpha”
  • no hit the button “copy drawmode”
  • exit face select mode with “F”
  • Press p in viewport where the plane it, and viola alpha

If you use jpeg, you can use the “Add” green button under F9 editbuttons, press then “copy drawmode” and you got a strange overlighten texture with transparant.

How about the bug when you have overlaped planes with textures?
Well search the forum for Alpha but fix, then you’ll find a script that you can put somewhere on an always sensor and change one button on face slect mode. and it’s fixed. It’s the script to fix the alpha sort bug fix in blender 2.25.

(question will be added to FAQ, tutorial will be created of it)

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it still is not working.
here is a blend file. (note my server will not always make it available)
Blend file
and if you need the image it is here:

that image doesn’t contain an alpha channel

you can find one on this page tho:

oh I get you now you make it alpha before you put it in.

are you hi-jacking my topic :x :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: