Alpha Red's Game Art [Now Playing: HK USP]

This is my Glock 17 that I’ve been modeling over the past few weeks on and off. It is made for a tactical realism FPS me and some guys are making. This is will be a ‘next-gen’ asset and is intended as the view model, not the world model (although that one is done :D). So it will have normal map(s), specular map(s), diffuse map(s) and maybe an AO map(s) (will probably added to the diffuse). So here she is.
Note This is only the low poly version atm, the high poly should be done by tonight.

And a little beauty render for oyu gun nuts :smiley:

I think your front sight is wrong. all the glocks I’ve seen have the same sight, a triangle with the top cut off. but other then that looks good

No it isn’t. There are a variety of front sights for the Glock including the one I have modeled.
Click for HUGE Pic
I just chose this one cause it looks slightly cooler ;).

I see you’ve even included the double trigger, nice job.

Ah ok I see what you mean great model. cant wait to see the final version.

So a bit later than I first anticipated but the high poly is done and I should be able to finish UV mapping in a few days. I hope to get to skinning by Sat of this week and maybe finish skinning by next Sat.

Been a bit sicne the last update, so I’ll jsut fill you in.
Normal and AO map are done. Spec will be after texture is done.
Atm, I have tried to finish the metal pieces then I’ll move onto the polymer.

that’s what I got so far. I still have to grunge/scratch and detail it but I’ll probably do that later.

Dude this is awesome.

Redid the slide diffuse map. Still got lots to do, just taking my time but I also have had lots of mditerms this week so I didn’t get to work on it much :(. But I think the metal pieces are where its at right now. I’ll finish up all the metal and start to detail everything and grunge/scratch it all up. Oh, almost forgot to mention that hte barrel highlight will be toned down, I still need to get to that as well.

Long time since I last posted to this thread. Got really busy with exams and a whole bunch of other things happening so I put it aside for a bit. I then came back and decided to redo some places on the Glock for a better shape/form. This is much better in my opinion and will hopefully need no more tweaks.
Yesterday I finished fixing the smoothing on it to allow for better quality normal maps and I think it does show whne you look at the normal map.

Anyways, here it is. I will be skinning it ASAP and will post updates here.


Good to see you working on this again!

Some more progress today. I started on the diffuse for the slide and I’m concentrating on the metal until I am pleased with it and then I’ll move onto the polymer/plastic parts to finish her off. Note, I’m not a very good texture artist, but I’m trying to get better.

Any crits/comments are welcome.


If you are not planning to create a specular map for this piece, I would recommend lightening up the diffuse as it’s very dark now. That may be accurate according to your references, but the shading range will be very limited with it being so dark.

Although I am planning on making a specular map, the colour will not be final. I know that its a bit dark right now, but I’ve got it a bit lighter now after removing one of my overlays.

Right now I’m working on getting all the grunge/scratches onto the metal parts and get all the other details all finished up. Here is an update with some damage (although I think there might be too much damage on it so I may redo it).

As stated before, all crits/comments are welcome


So I haven’t done too much, trying to figure out how to do the polymer properly and have been testing out a bunch of different techniques and what-not. Hopefully this looks good to everyone else :D.

As always, comments/crits are welcome

So I’ve decided this will be my single thread to post my various game art pieces and whatever else that I have lying around that I work on. I have a problem with keepig to one project so I tend to jump around to various projects.

So here’s my latest piece, a H&K USP. Not too sure if I will make a high poly and bake it as there isn’t much to bake to be honest.

Will probably have more pictures later but this is it for tonight.

More progress on the HK USP, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Have been working on animating this Colt 1911 Reproduction for a little fun and to put into a mod.
Any crits and/or comments are welcome.

I should note that I am unhappy with the magazine-in part of the reload animation but I can’t seem to figure out how to fix it. If there are any suggestions then I’m happy to hear them.