Alpha Rest Room

I modelled some new furniture so here are some shots of a rest room with the theme based on text and numbers.

Modelled with Blender 2.63
Rendered with Octane (instance version)

Edit :

Here are some tec info,

Render kernel : Ambient occlusion mode 4 (like brute force in VRay)
Lighting : HDR + mesh lights to increase light coming from windows
Material : 2 x GTX580 3GB
Rendering time : 2 - 3 hours in 1600 x 1600
Postpro : To fix lighting and remove some residual noise
Polys : About 8 million including instances (like for the carpet)


Great as always ! :slight_smile:

When will you give Cycles a chance ? :wink:
I would love to see what you can get out of Cycles.

Kind regards

Great job :smiley: Mind sharing your floor board info with us?

Amazing work!!
The couch material looks scary though, other than that impressive modeling and beautiful compositions and renders.
What graphic card do you use and what kind of render times do you get at your render resolution?

This is beautiful. Same questions as above ^^ Nice work.

Why is this not on the gallery? -_-

Indeed, this series of related images needs to be. (Taken together as a set, partly because it’s a good cross-section “commercial photo spread,” and also because it’s various shots taken of “a set.”)

Because it’s rendered in Octane and not with Blender :wink:

Kind regards

does that mater? there’s images in there from vray and yafa, etc…
IMuHO this should be in the gallery. great work!

Thanks to all for viewing and commenting, I really appreciate

Alain : Well from time to time I try playing with Cycles and I must say I’m more and more impressed, something should come out in a near fututre …

I updated the topic with some additional information :wink:

This is amazing!! Haha whoever lives there must be OBSESSED with the internet…this belongs in the gallery. Period.

Edit: I just noticed that the desk says “ME”. :RocknRoll:

I like this!
Too shinny, but I still love t.
Well done!

Beautifull as always!
Techinally perfect but above all is the beauty of light and composition.

Love so hear everything you choose to share with us.
But I am very curious about the what post pro methods you use, the importance of dof and color balance.

Pretty DAMN good. Nothing to complain about here, this is pro work.

Absoluty pro!!

Absolutely amazing work as usual, great job! :slight_smile:

You must post directly into gallery. Top noch work, as always.

wow! wow!
5 houres on gtx580 wow!

It’s really nice. I definitely like the lighting. Forum gallery would be dignified for this, I think.

Awesome. Render in on octane CPU version, right? Does it have some bidirectional PT algorithm?