alpha sort dont work with spot buffers?

I m working on a project happy with the new 2.57 version of blender with that alpha shadow, but I realised that if I have a shapekey or the alpha sort o the object it dont display shadows! is that right or I m making something wrong. One of the few features that blender have that its almost good doesnt work properly! I hope I m wrong otherwise its really really getting hard to make something decent on this program.

Could you post an example blend?

Its just a leaf of grass with alpha mapped on a single plane, then there is a plane and a spot buffering soft shadows( im using the blender version with the soft and alpha shadow). The only thing that is giving me problem is the sort alpha option that when is on on the faces make the leaf not drop shadows when I turn it off the shadows work fine.
Ah, never mind I ll make the leafs using poligons, it ll increase the ammount of polygons on the scene, but wht can I do.
Thanks for try benu!