Alpha sorting in the viewport

Hi, does anyone know a way to display correctly multiple alpha-blended overlying objects in the viewport? I get artifacts like this (background showing through etc):

It displays mostly correctly in the game engine, but not in the glsl viewport. Any help greatly appreciated.

Hmm, my alpha originates from a black and white tga. So it’s a separate texture from the diffuse. I think glsl is my only option to display such alpha… Also, I didn’t know you can see any alpha in the Multitexture mode.

As for the Alpha Blend type - all modes give me the same results in the viewport, except for the alpha clip, which is not a solution because it changes the alpha from a blended one to a, hmm, 1-bit alpha it’s called I think.

Alpha don’t work properly in the viewport. I don’t know why, but I just ignore it. It should be good if you render or use game engine.

Damn, I need it to work properly in the viewport. I can’t texture paint the some things without it.


You have your answer. Bumping the topic wont change this fact.

There is a ‘show transparency’ button in the object view panel. I dont think it will do what you want.