Alpha texture problems

Hey guys,

Having trouble with alpha textures. I am trying to make an oldschool low poly tree.
It’s made up of two planes, intersecting each other. I’m sure you all know how it’s made. But anyway. As you can see in the image, the top of the planes, near the middle, are coloured, making it look iffy. How do I fix this?

It’s not the UV layout, that’s as much as I know.

Random guess could be the specularity, you should turn specular off and use a specularity map.

Hi Zer0Naught, do you switch on “Premultiply” in image texture settings?
Or send blend (with textures). :slight_smile:

Cheers, mib.

Specularity is 0. Premultiply is already on.
Mib, what do you mean ‘send blend (with textures)’?

I can upload the .Blend if you guys want?
I’ll include the links to the textures too.

Well here it all is anyway:


Edit: Alright, I did it all from scratch and the lines have gone. How do I make it so it casts a shadow, that is the shape of the tree? and not the shape of the planes.

For the object that will recieve the shadow from your tree (the ground, a wall etc…) , in the Material panel of such object, at the “Shadow” tab (in the bottom of the Material panel) , enable “Recieve Transparent”

I meant pack textures into blend but anyway, delete front view plane, new unwrap, add new plane.
Something was wrong with the unwrapping, dunno exactly what.

Cheers, mib.

Thanks Sanctuary. I think I’ve gotten a few things figured out now. =]

Edit: Thanks MIB, I think I got it all working now.

I have another question. I don’t want the leaves the textures to cast shadows onto each other, but I do want it to cast shadows onto the floor. So I turned off ‘Receive’ in the shadow tab. But what abot when I want to cast a shadow, like from a building, onto the tree? It wont receive it.