Alpha texture turning negative?

Does anyone have an idea why my beach foam is displaying negative (black) in game while it is being displayed properly in the 3d view port?
I animated it with the object’s color alpha.

Appreciate any help!

object color alpha doesnt work. not even in the upbge.

never has, probably never will. just use the red channel.

There must be a misunderstanding… i have been using animated object color forever and it does work.
And the alpha animation of the object color is working, the alpha texture is nicely blending in.
Only problem is that the white is displayed black…

try set blend to multiply on your texture

For some reason the object seems to be bugged…
I just rebuilt it and made everything exactly the same on the new object and it doesn’t have that problem.
I even used the same material and texture.
Here is an example file… it was made in UPBGE
Foam-bug.blend (874.8 KB)

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maybe you had ‘negative’ checked somewhere or something, or maybe it was a shadowing issue.