Alpha Textures and Shadows

Okay, here’s my problem this time. I’m trying to render out a scene featuring the character in the picture below (I do apologize about the incomplete render as well). And right now, I’m currently just testing out how it’ll render out (I have yet to rig (Which I suck at) and I’m noticing these black voids were the transparency of the hair textures are supposed to be (as can be seen in the picture below):

Is there any way to actually fix that? Because I have the option to receive shadows from transparent objects enabled on the meshes. It doesn’t work with it either.

Bump my own thread.

Did you select the Z-transparency? And did you make sure that the blender material was aware of the transparency? The other part you can do is use a gray scale image as an alpha.

First part was per-selected, the second I have no idea how to do.

Is this in Blender Internal? It almost looks like Z-fighting to me.

If it’s blender internal, you have to set the material to receive transparent shadows, which is off per default.
In BI it’s odd, you don’t set a material to cast a transparent shadow, you set a material to receive it.

What do you mean by “Z-fighting”?

Also, which material do I ask to receive transparent shadows?

overlapping faces cause z-fighting, normally caused by an accidentally duplicated object or duplicated/extruded-but-not-moved faces. Receive transparent should be checked on for any surface that an alpha’d object will cast shadows onto.

Oh, I wasn’t referring to that. Besides, I deleted the second layer.

Then post a .blend and someone will fix it for you.


Also, if anyone’s good at rigging humans (Which I’m not, preferring to use pre-rigged models). Would any of you be able you fix/finish her rig?

There’s a lot wrong with your file.
Assuming from what I see, you didn’t create those models yourself? :wink:

your area lights are 10x10m in size, the woman is almost 5m in height. If you ever want to use SSS for realistic skin you’ll have a hard time. Also finetuning lights will be horrible as you can’t relate to real life light setup measurements anymore.

Seems your lights are overbright and thus your materials way too dark. Haven’t looked into it too closely though.

Your model has no rig, it has an armature and some weightpainting. You can either ask in the volunteers or paid job section. You could always use blenders rigify which does a nice job creating a complete rig for biped humanoids.
If anyone’s good at rigging humans, he gets paid for doing so :smiley:

Transparent shadows?
Easy, everything the hair will cast a shadow on has to be set to receive transparent shadows. The hair itself, the skin, the clothes…
Where? Material>Shadow>receive transparent [x]

I suck, I’ve been meaning to learn, but being a lazy autistic. I haven’t. Just call me a POS and get it over with.