Alpha textures won't work with mist or atmosphere.

Hello, my name is Armand and I am new to this forum, not so much to Blender but still noob-ish.
Recently I encountered a problem in Blender working with alpha textures and volumetric fog.
At first I used mist, in the World panel but every texture that had an alpha channel wouldn’t be affected by the mist so I turned it off and used “Atmosphere” in the lamp settings, under Sky & Atmosphere. It looked better but the problem with alpha textures was still there; a gray fringe would appear around everything with an alpha. So I was wondering, can this be fixed somehow? How do I get rid of the gray fringe?

I do not wish to share my .BLENDs at the moment for different reasons but I believe the error is easily reproducible.

Also I am still using Blender 2.65, and will until I am done with this project, just in case the 2.66a version is not fully compatible with my project.

Thanks a lot for your time and thanks in advance for the help.

Ok, I figured it out by myself.

For those who have the same problem as I or didn’t know how to solve it, here’s what I did:
I used a spotlight and added halo, then lighted up my scene with it and turned diffuse and specular off in the lamp settings. I also made the fall-off very long and the cone angle pretty much covers all the scene. The cone angle makes the fog more or less thick, 120° looks about right for me.

This isn’t the exact same thing as “mist” or “atmosphere” but comes really close and works perfectly with the alpha textures. It did require a lot of fiddling and tweaking but once ready it really looks like fog.