alpha textures

I’m not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I’m trying to render a plane that has an image on it with alpha, but it just makes the alpha part black. I’m not sure what’s wrong because I have the alpha button in the texture face box clicked and I got the texface button pushed.

You also need to enable Use Alpha in the Map Image panel of the Texture Buttons (F6).

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the suggestion but I tried that and it didnt work. Plus I would rather use the uv image editor than materials if that’s possible. Although, in the material buttons I saw a mode menu and if I select multiply it seems to work but other textures dont show through behind it.
If anyone could direct me to a good tutorial on this subject it would be much appreciated.

Hi , man .
maybe this tutorial can help you .

Let me get this straight. You have all of the green items selected and one of the orange items selected?

Good advice: don’t snub the guy giving you help.

More advice: you can’t avoid materials if you want your objects to have pretty colors. This is always the case, no matter whether you UV-map your textures or not.

Final advice: there is a large amount of blender information for your perusal on the web. Visit Google. As often as not you’ll find links to the Blender Wiki.

Sorry Duoas:( didn’t mean to snub you. Thanks for the good (more, and final) advice and also thank you zhudan for the tutorial.

Hey Mr. X, sorry I was so grouchy. Did you get it working?

Yep I got it working, thanks:D. One last question though, why doesn’t it show the texture/material in the 3-D window? I do have it in textured mode.

You have to turn on “potato mode” --that is, change the Draw Type in the 3D View header to “Textured”. Also make sure that the “Shaded” button is pressed in the Draw panel of the Object Buttons.

Unless you have UV-mapped the texture, you’ll not likely see anything but white. Switch to “Shaded” mode to get a rough coloring of your object…

If by “I do have it in textured mode” means all these things then I’m stumped…