alpha texturing help

can anyone teach me how to use alpha option…?a step by step tut perhaps will do?
ive been reading a lot of posts but still i cant make an image’s background invisible to the point that only the image or the text will be seen… Im using the 2.49. In 2.45 its easy to create an invisible image or text.

if its created using UV please help me, or if is it created in an another kind of way please enlighten me. thanks


Ok, Create a plane or whatever, assign a material, set the alpha slider to 0, assign a texture, image texture, load image, map to col and alpha. (See Attached)


Hello SJ.blend (137 KB)

thank you N00BIE,
is this created using 2.49?

and im confused a bit. what do you mean by assign a material?
where can i see the alpha slider sir?
by assigning a texture, should i go to UVtexture window? after UV texturing it should i go to “Map To> UV” instead of “Orco”?


SJ, you need to watch some basic video tuts. I would watch all the free blender tuts on, I am working on some screenshots for you right now, I’ll have them uo in 5 minutes or so.

Ok you need to add a new material, or you may already have one assigned by default, select your object then go to the shaders panel and then the materials subpanel (1st pic)
Then the alpha slider (2nd Pic)

Further to the right you should have a texture panel, add one (3rd pic)

Then you need to go to the texture buttons, and load your image (4th pic) Then back to the material panel you need to “map” the material to alpha.

Thanks for being polite (he called me sir :o) I am trying to be as well but it is frustrating when you have done as much research as I have to get asked such a basic question. There is this thing called the wiki…you know? Seriously though here are some links.
The best material tut I know of ^^

The wiki:

For fun as you are now officially a member of the cult of the noob.

Good Luck and happy blending
P.S. All the buttons will make your head swim, and it seems as if they are unneccessarily complicated, but there is a method to the madness and puching through it all is very, very rewarding…maybe one day you will become a master and help me.


i happened to drop by to a gimp tuts site…
should i change my image to alpha? would that be okay or helpful? :slight_smile:
thanks for the quick reply sir…
and thank you for the tips… ill try this one out…

God Bless

Yes of course, you need an image that has an alpha channel like this one (attached)
To create it use gimp, and be sure to save it in a format that supports alpha like .png not jpg.


nice thanks :slight_smile: ill figure this one out…
hihihih.! thanks for the quick response.

Im just wondering, i followed your Hello SJ blend file… but when i pressed P… it doesnt show up?