alpha texturing with ray tracing

hello everyone,
I’ve got trouble with my animation. I want to render it in RGBA, without background. The scene is an apartment, with ray transparent picture windows (the camera is outside). Pot plants stand inside it, with leaves done with an alpha texture on planes.
When I render it, the planes for the leaves are so much transparent that we could see the transparent background (all the green part in the picture) instead of the ground.
I tried different renders, but it remains the same.
So: is it possible to have an alpha texture behind a ray transparent mesh ?
If not, is there any solution ?
Thanks in advance.

I’m not exactly sure what would be going wrong, what about render setting? What do those look like?

Apparently the problem is I can’t have a plane with an alpha texture behind a ray transparent plane. Here’s my render settings.

Since you’re using ray tracing, you might try using ray transparency, and increasing the depth. In ray tracing, when a ray goes through a transparent object, the program makes a decision about whether to continue the ray on or not based on the depth. Higher depth means more rays cast and thus more rendering time, but sometimes you need it.

I recently tried an image that had a glass object inside a glass object. At a depth of two, the inside glass rendered as black. Increasing the depth to four made it transparent, too.

Thank you Captain,
I’ve increased Ray Transparency to 4 and that solved my trouble.