Alpha Transparancy

I have a PNG file that has an alpha channel in it that I want to apply to a plane.
So I set the texture up, and when I render, the transparent parts are white.
After more playing around, I found that it was actually rendering out whatever the background color was!

Is there away to set the texture so that the alpha trans shows what’s directly behind it, instead of the whatever the background color is?

Here’s an example of what i’m talking about:
(The first screenshot–I was using a large sphere mapped with the sky texture, the BG color was white. The white area of the rotors is supposed to be transparent…)


If you want the material to show through, just load the texture into a texture channel of a normal material, and click on ‘use alpha’.

You should press ZTransp under the material buttons. And change the Alpha value to 0.

You are talking about rendering transparency and not about transparency in the game-engine arent you?


Yeah, I meant rendering transparency!!

Thanks, MadMesh, that did the trick!!!