Alpha Trees - Render massive forests, fast!

Yeah, I tried again in Blender’s default new scene but got the same error. All the materials are applied, so, I’m still baffled. I couldn’t upload the file in my reply for some reason, but you can download a copy of it here.

Ok, thanks for uploading that, I’ve found the problem. It was a bug that meant that the material types were automatically assigned regardless of user input. The reason it only showed up in this tree is that the names of the materials aren’t very descriptive, so it just defaulted to giving them all the “trunk” type.

I’ve fixed it now, so it should be released sometime in the next few days. In the meantime, to fix it, just add the word “leaf” to the leaf material names, and that should make it work on the old version.

Hope that helps!

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Thanks, that works! :slight_smile:

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Hi guys, It’s been a wee while since the last update for Alpha Trees because I’ve been getting a lot more work outside of blender to do, but I should be able to get back to proper development of the addon.

I’m currently working on improving the weight map tools, starting with implementing curves to control the distribution, which lets you make some really cool real time effects:

I’m also going to try to redo the weight layers UI to make it a bit more intuitive.
This should go live sometime in the next week unless something really catastrophic happens :sweat_smile:

I’ve decided to push back porting the addon over to geometry nodes until they are in a more final state, as at the moment they are pretty liable to change, not to mention that particle nodes are also in the works. Instead, the next big project will probably be to allow for custom generation, which means adding support for alpha grass, terrain, etc. It’ll be a lot of work though so it will probably take a while.


Ok, I’ve finished the curves, they’re actually really powerful now! I’ve added a bunch of pre-sets, which make it really easy to quickly experiment with effects, and they also let you play around with the sliders for those sweet sweet real-time effects:

particle edit curve

I’ve also redesigned the weight layers UI to be way more intuitive (new/old):
New weight UI particle add group

And it also has a bunch of thumbnails for the different generation types:
particle add group 1.1.2 types

Hopefully, I’ll be able to implement more types in the future, but they can be pretty annoying to get working properly (camera clipping is the main one)

This is now live, so if you have the addon, you can download it and have a play about with the new features!