Alpha UV Textures

Hello all,

I have started learning how to use Blender but have got a bit stuck.

As my practice model I have been making a sort of lego minifig that looks like superman.

When using UV texturing is it possible to have part of the UV texture as transparent and allow the material colour to come through?

Basically I have a superman logo on a transparent background. The body of my superman is blue. After I apply the UV texture the logo can be seen but the body panels turn black under the logo and white on the others.

I have fiddled and googled in vain and can’t see how to do this. I could always not use a transparent background but I also wanted to use the same logo for his cape.

I also tried the “wrap a reference image over the model and draw a matching aligned picture” technique but couldn’t stop it from printing on panels other than the front.

Picutre of the black/white problem here

Thanks in advance for any help, while texturing continues to botehr me I’ll go back to trying to model again :slight_smile:

You just add the UV’d image again as an Image texture thru the materials editor. In the image tab set “CalcAlpha”, in the MapInput tab set the mapping from ORCO to UV.


Great! It works! Thanks for the help.

I am not entirely sure what I was doing wrong before as I thought I had done all those things (maybe I just didn’t do the RIGHT things at the SAME TIME) but now I have the logo on the front of the minifig and on the cape.

Now I have a bunch of materials that I made on the way that are not used on my model, is there any way to delete these from the .blend file?

Next up is doing the RVK tutorial I see someone has graciously posted to the forum and work out how to make his face move :slight_smile:

You guys are great!

If nothing is using them, and you save and reopen, the unused materials should be gone. Also I think that there is a script in the scripts window that says “clean up mesh” that does something like that, but I’m not completely sure on that one.

On a side note, I think it would be nice if Blender gave you the option to delete various data blocks.

:slight_smile: I just logged back in to post here that I had saved my file and reopened it and my ‘extra’ materials were gone.

It would be nice to manually remove materials. But this is a good thing to know so that if I am undecided about a material and remove it temporaily from my model I know to assign it to a random cube or something so that it will be there when I reopen the file!

Thanks again!

Ctrl-W (or Ctrl-S if it’s an unsaved file) and Ctrl-O will save and reopen the saved file without closing Blender (and your unlinked data will be removed). If you want to save unlinked data hit the F in the Datablock to link it to a Fake user (rather than a dummy object).