Alpha + YafRay

Hi, everyone…

Well, I’m having a little problem using Alpha images and rendering on YafRay. I figured out how to render the image using Alpha (YafRay doesn’t accept PNGs, so I use TGAs)…so, the problem is that my scene consists on a leaf, a simple leaf and its shadow. I mapped a plane and the render interprets the alpha channel alright, but the shadow is still a black square. So, is there anyway YafRay can read through alpha images and calculate the image correct shadow?

I’ve tried searching the forum, but I couldn’t find anything helpful for this.

I know how to do it all just fine using blender internal, but my project needs YafRay rendering. I really need some help.

Thanks in advance.

no I dont think Yafray can do that yet. try rendering your shadows with blender and composting them into the yafray render, might work.

Not sure whether it would have the desired effect (or even if it’s implemented in YAFRAY) but have you turned on TraShad in the material settings? I believe you have to turn it on for the material that the shadow falls on, not the material that the light shines through.

no yafray cant use the alpha from images for shadows, not at this stage any way, maybe in the recode