Alpha, Z-Buffering Issue?

Hey all. Does anyone know how to fix this? There are semi-transparent planes in the background covering up alpha-enabled planes in the foreground. It’s always done this for me. I’ve tried using Alpha Sort to no avail. Any ideas?

Try using clip alpha. If that doesn’t work, I’d look at the normals of the faces. Are all the palm branches of the same material? It’s interesting that some behave normally while others don’t.

Yes, I have had this problem also. Unfortunately, I believe it is a bug. Clip alpha will “fix” this I think, it just won’t look very good probably. It seems to only happen with really large objects that have alpha transparency. Alpha sort typically works for small objects, but when you get a really big object, it tends to overlay other objects like that. I may be wrong, but that is my take on this.

@gruntbatch, A’nW Thank you for your advice. Yes, the leaves are of the same material. You can’t see it but the big sky-colored plane in the background (it’s a force field) is only on the left, so it only covers up those leaves. But I played with using ClipAlpha for some of the materials—it solves the problem with the palm branches, but obviously not so much for semitransparent objects. I was able to get something that works decently, at least for now :rolleyes:

i think this is a bug. it has worked properly in the previous versions (around 2.5). But appearently it is not supposed to work as the viewport has no Z sorting for transparent objects

however, i’ve just tested in version 2.57 the display worked normally. ill try and report a bug

edit, just got a reply: it’s a ‘known limitation in the drawing system’ i.e. no Z sorting.

weather or not it will be adressed in the future is unknown