i have alpha leaves and when i play the game the clear part looks like translucent white

and i have a plane with rounded edges via alpha texture and i can see faint white lines around the edges of the clear areas

how do i get rid of them

what program did you create these textures with? because that program is the problem

if you open the .psd in gimp and save as a .tga or .png it shouldn’t be a problem [photoshop should be able to do it right too, I know though that paint shop pro would add the white]

see, the problem is that paint shop pro will make it look reasonable without the alpha channel by blending white with the colors, however with the alpha channel the white is still there, and that is why you see the white edge.

i use adobe photoshop elements

it is a .png image

i dont think png supports alpha. i might be wrong.

Yes, you are wrong. :wink:

I painted a [bad] tree texture with photoshop elements, and saved as a .tga and it worked fine

I haven’t tried doing that in elements 2.0 yet

/me tries

whoa, I like that grass/hair like brush cool!

nope, I didn’t have that problem

create new transparent 256x256 image
paint strokes [3]
save as .png
load into blender

for some reason when i save the images as a .tga they are transparent
so i use .png

the white might be from my card

Ensure that you don’t have any useless layers hanging around. tga and png support multi layers [this is how they are able to have an alpha channel I think] If you want you can also try saving in gimp or do a erase to transparent where the edges are.

tga and png don’t support multiple layers

[and I don’t see why photoshop would make them [unless visible] a problem]

tga and png don’t support multiple layers

Well I’ll be a forum monkey’s uncle! That’s something that someone finally cleared up in my head. Thx! I have no clue what you mean about the photoshop thing.

Oh no wait now I understand. :expressionless: Do you have the image availible so we can download it and see the problem?

here i just made the site download the file the .png is inside

Ok I’ve tried everything and I can’t get rid of it I think that it has either something to do with the vid cards or blender it self. For those of you still wondering what he’s talking about; there is a white line at the top and at the border of the image. Take a look.

the white line on the top and left are due to bilinear filtering

unless you disable the image repeating [or possibly change to nearest color samplining from bilinear, which looks real bad] [not possible in game blender] they are here to stay

I figured that might be the problem, although is it possible to disable he tile feature?

not in game blender, I just said that

I guess you could paint the bottom and right of your texture transparent, but that’s about it

yeshuawatso, you can get rid of the white line around the border if you size down the uv’s so it’s not matching 100% the border of the texture. Nobody will notice it’s 1 pixel off on the edges.
Index the image and set the matt to black or something to match the texture. Then the white line around the non transperant pixels will be replaced by a line the color of the texture, you will not notice it much.

i scaled down the vertices so they were off the edge and the line dissappeared