Alphabet- my first project

Alright, so here is my first ever completed project on blender. Ive known Blender for longer now, but have only started using it for two months now. This project is basically all I know about Blender put into one weekend. I rendered using internal, but now I’m thinking that maybe Yafray would have been better… Anyhow, here are some screenhots, and a link to whoever wants to see the video. Enjoy!


Thanks for sharing your first real project. When we see the work of people who have used Blender for years, and compare it with our own, we can feel like giving up. Don’t get in too big of a hurry; enjoy creating your own renders, and use the Blender wiki.

thats very good for your first project.
good use of lighting.
do you mind me asking how long you have been useing blender?
if you want to reduce the shine on the wooden parts of the briks you can just adjust the specularity.

Thanks so much for the respones!
I have looked into Blender since February, but didnt really touch it until around two months ago. I looked at the projects posted here and thought that maybe I could try something like that. Before that I experimented with a program called anim8or.

anim8tor is ok but its not a patch on blender.
keep up the good work and practice and one day im sure ill see you in the gallery.
as in 2 mounth you have progressed well;)

lol thanks. you are absolutely right. anim8or is nothing compared to blender. but I needed some basics in animation, and I was scared about the supposed steep learning curve that Blender had.(although, I havent seen too much of that). Actually, my avatar is my next project, a city, which I still have to find a story for. Anyhow, thanks so much guys. Really appreciate the responses.


Awesome job and good creativity. You may wish to continue to work on your lighting and (something I still struggle with) your timing. The bounces off the trampoline need more work on the timing. Again, this is something I have a very hard time with too, just giving some hints.

yeah, I know my timing isnt all the best… I was mostly working on getting good models, so I kinda rushed on my animation, which I know now I should never do…
I had a little bit of problems with the lighting. No matter where or how I place lights, it seems to be too strong. Is there a way to reduce the power of a light?

copcatreborn, that’s cool for a first go. Nice use of materials.

To reduce the brightness of lights, just adjust the Energy in the Lamp panel in the Lamp Buttons, which has an icon of a light bulb in the shading buttons. It should be automatically set to 1.0 so just slide it down a bit. Try 0.5 or something like that. You may also want to try turning on AO (Ambient Occlusion) in the world settings for more realistic lighting, but it makes the render times longer, and also brighter so you’d need to reduce the energy of the lamps more.

Hope that helps a bit!
Keep it up, and don’t give up!

Thx so much. Wow, I cant believe I didnt see that button immediately… It seems so obvious now… (0: