AlphaChannel progress and abandoned projects

Ok, I thought I’d put some of my images here, to remind me how far I’ve come, what I need to go back to.

Here goes…


Rendered in cycles, before cyclesX.

I owned it it was an old waiting room chair from a doctors that I got from a skip, I remember spending ages on the materials. So it was one of the first real world objects I did to scale.
Rendered on an old Dell XPS. Probably took around an hour to render.

The Raybans Cycles render (Dell XPS).
Were volume absorbtion and volume scatter setup, and tinted glass shaders, again rendered on my dell It took ages.
I remember this was me modelling with mirror mod and curves (and all they pain they gave then)
Screws were with bolt add on.
Text was traced from logo and made a model.
I should go back and rerender in cyclesX, but I dont even know If I have this project anymore.

DEX28 (Cycles Dell XPS)
One object I love is the techniqs1210 turntable, so…had to be done.

I had to do this from eye and some blueprints. took me about a week.

Image Robot Head TV Ariel

This was a crappy model I made to test out a TV, pixelated split R G B shader I made. Gives lovely moire… I should add another level and do a load of ‘BadTV’ type VHS fx like ghosting, frame lock/drift, glitch VITC errors etc.
One day.

Image Pollen seeds 2x2 microscopic.
Rendered in Cycles (Dell XPS)
Was a bit obsessed at this time with all things little and small. Material excercise to try to get that X-ray type microscopic look, layer weight, lots of bump and DOF

untitled3 (white eggs)
Eevee (i7 HP laptop AMD 8500m 1 gig )
SSS and looking like things in eggs…yum.


Some great stuff here, I think these ones are lovely.



Thank-you, they all happen to be Eevee renders I believe.

I find them very pleasing to look at.


Lots of interesting stuff. I really enjoy those little romps through one’s own history.

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Wow, what really? Ok, never expected that thanks!

Have finally dived into the asset manager and actually tidied up my most useful geonode node groups and some materials into assets. Looks good, everything now starts with ‘ac_’ to get to the top of the list.

Has made me try to name things properly!