AlphaO 3 Final Questions

(What I did in 2.49b)
-Extrude Along a Path
-Increase Default Resolution U to 48

I created a similar path extrusion in AlphaO, but then couldn’t find a way to increase Default Resolution. I thought Preview U might do it, but it doesn’t, nothing does as far as I can see. I also checked the Object panel, Properties, Toolbox, 3D View Object Options, and Spacebar Search. Did I miss it or isn’t it in AlphaO?

If it isn’t there, I can probably create the object in 2.49b then Append to AlphaO, but I’d rather not have to do it that way.

I want to increase the resolution before converting to a mesh object then add Mark Sharp, Edge Split, and SubSurf to get a very smooth shape with sharp corners.

        Is there anything I can do to make the Camera Name readable in Camera View?

          Is it possible to change font in AlphaO?

Keep in mind that Blender 2.5 is still in alpha state. That means that it is buggy, unstable and thus not production ready. The release notes say:

Missing/Incomplete Features - Although most of it is there, not all functionality from pre-2.5 versions has been restored yet.
If you have serious work ongoing I suggest sticking with 2.49 until the final 2.6 is released. :wink:

The font issue is most likely a bug. Please file a bug report about that. See: