Alphas look screwed up

I’m using a png, premultiply checked, Z Transparency set to zero, Alpha Blend set to Alpha Sort (though no matter what I do here it still doesn’t work). In 3ds max, using the exact same texture, I get this:

But in the Blender game engine (GLSL), I get this unidentifiable mess:

I have recalculated the normals tons of times in case that was the problem, but it apparently wasn’t. What could be going on here?

In the Material Tab, Game Settings Panel, do you have Alpha Blend: set to Alpha Sort?

Yup, though it honestly doesn’t even matter what I choose there; they all come out like crap.

forgive me for being offtopic and ultimately not answering your question, but to accomplish hair like this, are you simply using a plane with a image attached that is just 1 layer thick of hair strands and its a translucent background?

I assume you get the wave/flings of hair by simply editing the mesh of the plane?

I havent come across any tutorials yet that cover hair (i’m not at that point of PRM sculpting yet) but this looks to be like what i’m asking and doesnt look that hard (at least not as hard as i thought it would be for hair modeling). . . .

Sorry to be off topic :slight_smile:

That’s precisely what I’m using–though I don’t really get what you mean by the waves/flings of hair. If it helps, the mesh just looks like this (with alpha shown):

sick i learned something new man thanks :slight_smile: Easier than i thought!!! i wish i could be more help to you. . .