Alphas not working with Yafray?

Im trying to create a simple plane, slap an image map texture on it and have a working alpha transparency.

But Im having some issues making it work with Yafray (works fine in simple Blender render but switching over to Yafray gives me a matte black plane). So just on the offchance this is a known issue, Im asking:

Do alphas work with Yafray?

PS: Ive tried both Ztransp and Raytransp buttons also after reading some of the posts here.

works here. use TGA’s with alpha channel, i think other image files are not supported. to be sure why not check out the yafray homepage? i remember reading there what types exactly are supported.


OH HO!!! Ok.
No I was just doing a simple black and white jpg in a second tex chnl.


And yeah Ill check out the yafray site. Its been down for quite some time. is it back up?

Well Im still having some troubles with yafray and alphas.

Ive attached a screen cap of my screen, trying to show all the relevent settings.

The arrows in the image are pointing to the fact that it seems like the alpha works only as long as nothign is behind the it.
If somethign is behind it it seems like it…well I dont really know what its doing.
Take a look at the image and if possible, let me know.

I have said this before, but the blendershader in yafray is unfinished work, alpha mapping is one of those things that are more a case of hit or miss at the moment.
But I’m updating it now, procedural textures first though.

Im sorry eesh. I did quite a few searches on Alphas and nothign mentioned this.

Forgive me.