Alpine A 110


Hi guys,
This is my last car project : an Alpine A110.
I did a very basic interior just for the render but that is not the most advanced part. That is why I am just showing some exterior renders.
Here are the pictures :

I am selling this file on gumroad without interior because I do not want to sell something unfinished. However I can send a full version by email if needed. I will add it on blendermarket soon.


Incrustation render test :


New render :

Any comment ? :slight_smile:


Comme d’habitude super rendum j’avait deja vue ta Audi TT avec un super rendu et travail sur la lumiere.

Super boulo, tu devrait faire des tutoriel voir un masterclass sur l’eclairage des voiture pour un effect studio.

Je t’avait deja contacter il y a quelaues annes sur la Audi TT d’ailleur, car moi aussi je reallise pas mal de vehicules, et actuellement je concoit un jeux video de course.

PS: Desoler pour le texte sans accent, je suis sur un clavier anglais.

Merci, je vais faire d’autres rendus avant mais c’est une très bonne idée. Je vais surement faire un tuto voire une petite série de vidéos sur le rendu automobile en studio et en extérieur. Je n’ai pas du tout le temps pour des projets de jeux par contre, désolé.

In english : I will probably make some tutorials about car rendering in studio and exterior. But I have no time for a video game project.

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Yeah, me too i doesnt have many time, but i did it when i have some time, after it will be an mix of remasterized game in blender just for fun, no something for commercial.

But yeah i’m sure it can be an very good serie of tutorial because the lighting you made on car is everytime good, the question i have is have you try to render on eevee some car with that lighting?

I confirm I will do a tuto, but my english accent is very bad… I think about making an ebook.

I do not really use eevee to render cars. I only want to do static images and I want the best quality as possible. Real time is not really necessary.

The car file is now available on blendermarket :

Edit :


You’re #featured! :+1:

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What a slick car man! Stunning model

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Thank you @rombout :slight_smile:
And thanks @bartv for the featuring !

I am working on a new car but this time I am making a timelapse. I will also write a complete e-book about car rendering. I will show some pictures soon !


Cool ! I like to get more into this kind of stuff. I stull got a shelby cobra i once started. never finished here. Here’s the thread, its my first car so i was learning along the way

Dude! Nice work! I especially love the work on the environment art… so much detail. Really nice piece.

@rombout Very good work. It is very nice for a first car ! You should finish it !
@Hexenfasching Thank you ! The environment is a picture. I incrustated the car with some postproduction.

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The modelling and scene setups are great, but the aliasing is horrendous in some of those pictures. The first one is especially bad in this regard. I suggest rendering it with higher samples, or rendering at a higher resolution and scaling the image down.

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Thank you for your remark.
In fact, I did a mistake for the grey render and It has less samples than it should be. For the wheel’s renders they are not “final renders”, I accorded less attention to these renders.

For the other renders I have more samples, I think the aliasing is better on these.

I will probably render it again with more samples.

Thanks, I did work a bit on now and then. But tha. Got involved upgrading the add-on for the render engine I use. But really thinking about it a lot. Been trying to find more info on how to model engines and the more complicated geometry

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