Alpium Entertainment needs 3D and concept artists for survival horror RPG

Alpium Entertainment, a new indie developer, is seeking a 3D and concept artist for its first game entitled Ruin, planned for release on the PC, Mac OS X, and PSN, developed with the Unity Engine. The game will be receiving a Kickstarter treatment as well as a Steam Greenlight submission once these positions are filled. The game will be Rev-Share, anyone involved will receive a percentage of the profits.

The game is a homage to System Shock 2 and Thief, as well as newer ones such as Bioshock, Dishonored and Amnesia: The Dark Descent, to name a few.

Dynamically the game will work something like a combination of the aforementioned games in this post; the game involves the use of stealth, a gameplay element that will be of great importance in your survival. The world takes place, for the majority of the game, in a forest based on the real-life Aokigahara, a forest underneath Mt. Fuji, famous for suicide. The challenge is presented in the player’s ability to avoid situations that will affect their character’s sanity level, which will diminish in varying ways depending on interactions with the environment and enemies.

The player will proceed through the game recovering articles and more alluding to his eventual discovery of the reasons which have brought him to this place, and ultimately confront his greatest fears.

Email us at [email protected], respond to this thread or PM me on this site, we will make sure to respond promptly to answer any questions. If you’d like to know more on the story or gameplay, some limited information on the game is available here as well:

Thank you very much for your interest!