Already encountering the belligerents... x_x

Time and time again I have to wonder exactly what causes brand-loyalty. I’m sure you’ve all had experiences of this sort, especially dealing with the issue of Blender vs. all those “professional” modelling software out there. In any case, here’s my latest grievance:

I’m overseeing a design project, and one of the artists is an architecture student who is enamoured with 3DMax. I thought this was rather interesting, so I told him that I knew what 3DMax is, but I prefer to use Blender, appending “let’s not start a religious war about free modelling software vs. “professional” software :)” after it. Given the number of people who have jumped at my throat when I mentioned I prefer Blender over most professional modelling software, even though I don’t model at all these days, I had to take the precaution against it repeating.

Well… I get a rather nasty reply: “i’m not starting a goddamn religious war, i’m trying to help out, so dont patronize me. its not like this campus is crawling with people who know how to use these programs.”

WELL THEN. Didn’t know I was patronizing. Eh, excuse me?

So this little exchange got me thinking yet again. Is it really dependent upon the individual how tolerant he/she might be towards other modelling programs, or are there really trends in behavior. Of course, everyone who uses Blender is proud of it, but it seems that even those who are most self-assured come to expect to be attacked for their preferences. I know this question sounds philosophical and generally applicable to everything, but in the mind of you modellers out there, especially those of you who have kept with it consistently – do you, or would you, ever consider yourself a professional 3D modeller by using Blender? Obvious answer is “yes”, but do you truly, truly believe in that 100%?

There was time not long ago when 3D modeling was somewhat limited to certain software. That was due to that there was no free alternative and thus there were only few people who could master those programs.
Blender and several other free programs and the development of the computers have brought 3D modeling possible for all. You don’t have to pay to “play” anymore. This relatively new mentality challenges those that have used to be unique professionals.
It is certain that there will be always jealousness and flaming between different software/what-not. It’s due to human nature. If they are happy with 3DSMAX, so be it but that still doesn’t justify to overlook Blender.
I don’t consider myself as a professional 3D artist but thanks to Blender I can nowadays make things that I could only dream of ten years ago. Though I believe that ever-evolving Blender is ready for professional use.

patronizing is a funny word to use in that situation, unless he mis-interpeted you somehow?
It could have been a simple, but I only know max so am using what I know to help you defensiveness, if so a friendly explanation of what you mean could fix things, he may have felt you were criticising him. Yeah I think a little reasurance and tell him you appreciate his help could go a long way to make thing better, no matter who was at fault :slight_smile:

I think people are like that. If you pick say 100 men and women at random, you give one half of them Nike sneakers and the other half of them cheap sneakers and put them together in one room, you’ll get world war III.

I like Domino, not Pizza Hut. That is not blind religionlike brand loyalty. It is just that Domino tastes better. But in my situation if I say: let’s deploy Linux servers instead of Microsoft 2003 servers, they will chew me up and spit me out like I was cheap tabacco. Linux is by amateurs for amateurs! Hobbyist shit!
Excuse me! There are millions of lines of code in Linux. It seems to be stable, it seems to get the job done. And about those people programming it, it is not the baker from around the corner or the night nurse that is programming Linux in their spare time. Those guys who build Linux are fully fledged programmers, most of them with academic degrees.

And so the same story could be told for Blender. Blender<>Max<>Maya<>Houdini<>Lightwave. So if they all are not equal, why spit at Blender and not at the others? Because it is free? And free conjures up thoughts like “social security”, “food stamps”, “begging” and “poverty”?

Maybe Blender should have a 4000$ price tag. Then it will be accepted. But more like MySQL does it. It still is free. But if you are comfortable dishing out $$$$$$ for a license, then the Blender Foundation should accomodate that too. For that money they are buyin a peace of mind and support.

Blender’s availability over other programs is major attraction - I can’t say that I’ve been totally faithful to blender; because, and let’s face it, 3DS MAX is better on so many fronts. But Blender is valuable for what it is and not for what it can and can’t do - it brings 3D to the masses - and IS the best freeware application out there - trust me

It doesn’t have anything to do with brand X vs. brand Y, he mis-interpreted your message as saying, “Well, sorry, your skillz are useless because I use this program.”

If you’d told him verbally I really doubt he’d jump all over your throat, e-mail is an emotionless medium and hard to interpret for people not accustomed to communicating over the net a lot.

Also, I would not want to be in a group with a person like this. I would definately be forwarding this e-mail to my professor and asking for a group re-assignment if at all possible. If not, every group I’m in includes a potential for group member evaluations which affect grades, and I’d be attaching the e-mail to that. Nothing justifies that kind of outright belligerance, that person just doesn’t want to work in a group. Despite the obvious misunderstanding, what an asshole.

I just experienced this today. I’m using Blender for a project and the person funding the project asked what software I was using and I said it was free, open-source software and she said “so you are just using this to learn on and then you can move onto a commercial app after the project is done”. OMFG, I could’ve slapped her. I know from using it that Blender has some things needing improved but I know this from using it a lot. She hadn’t even heard of the program but made that judgement solely based on the fact it was free. I hate this f*cking world. Why is everything centered around money?

Anyway, about the e-mail, I wouldn’t have even mentioned about a possible war before it happened. That’s like saying the best defence is a good offence. By saying he is reactionary is stereotyping him in a similar way that criticizing you for using Blender is. Ironically, based on his reaction to what you said (which from reading it sounded quite polite), I’d say he was a bit reactionary.

Some people are weird that way. I e-mailed for a job once because I was turned down for not having a needed qualification in art. I asked why do I need a qualification in art, which I thought was a reasonable question. The e-mail I got back was all in capital letters screaming the fact that I wasn’t good enough for the job and they already had applicants better than me. I understand that what I said could have been taken the wrong way but if I’d meant it that way, I could have emphasized it: why do I need a qualification in art as if I was so good I didn’t need one, which was not the case. I just wanted to know if there was concept art involved or other kinds of traditional art.

A great example of how people dont no shit is with StarOffice and OpenOffice.

StarOffice is pratically the same as OpenOffice but people will dismiss OpenOffice cause its free and open source.

The problem arises with freeware & open source. When you say freeware poeple conclude cheap ineffecient. When you say Open source and free people will think the exact same. But when you say £1000 program they think wow £1000 must be good cause it costs.

What many dont realise is that Open source software is usually far more effecient, faster and efective than its price counter part. For one simple reason everyone can get there hands on it and it gets a complete over the top bashing.

So the bugs are fixed and the program becomes stronger.

While with the Price tag software. It is rarely taken to its limits. But people will think it is still better cause it costs.

Next time you say you use Blender just say its open source. If they dont know what open source means. Sell them a copy of Blender for a few hundred.

The people who are religiously loyal to any 3D package at the exclusion of the others probably aren’t going to make it in the industry. At least not until they get rid of that attitude. It’s simply not rational or realistic. They need to be willing to use any tool. (This goes for Blender users with professional aspirations, too, by the way.)
For that reason, I don’t hold it against them. I just chuckle. :stuck_out_tongue:

That being said, non-exclusive loyalty isn’t a problem. A lot of people are at least someone loyal to whatever software they “grew up” on, and I don’t see a problem with that (I’m that way with Blender, for instance). But it should never turn into a, “[Insert package name here] is better than the other packages!” sort of thing. Just a warm place in your heart for it.

I don’t know, I think Mac OS X is loads better than winblows. But Linux kicks all their a****.

That statement is the same excrement, just a different orifice.

For the most part, it’s the artist not the tool that counts. Now this may not always be true, ms paint just sucks; certain tools don’t have the same technologies that others do and this sometimes presents a problem. So what? Most studios use several different 3D suites in their production pipelines. Individual artists use generally only one: that which fits them or they’ve learned the best. Frankly I’d love to have Softimage or even Rhino (using blender to render for the latter), to me it’s the tools that I need and best fit me. Not all artists are the same, and thus not all artists use the same tools or media.

I don’t draw, because I suck at it. Jacque Arteest doens’t use acryllics because he simply doesn’t like them.

So long as the tool I’m using (photoshop, illustrator, blender etc.) gets me into the Right brain mode and I can “think” very little about what I’m doing and just let it “flow” then I’m fine with the tool.

the truth is any one can use any software they want if they don’t mind where they get it from. the real thing that means any thing is what you make with your tools. if you cant make any thing worth a contract with blender then I bet you cant with 3ds-max or maya or anything else. I am a carpenter by trade and the tool you use is important( to the craftsman not the client ) but the product you end up with is much more important. let your work speak.

I had a surprising reaction at school to Blender. I’m learning XSI and my final project requires at least five distinct objects in it.

Well, since I can’t afford XSI at home, and I can’t be at school all the time, I used Blender to model a couple of the objects.

At school a couple of guys responded “are you allowed to model with something other than XSI?” I responded, “Sure. Who cares? As long as it’s composited, lighted, and rendered in XSI it’s still an XSI project, right?”
After that a couple of them wanted to know more about Blender… :slight_smile:

But most of them seem to forego the elitist concept prohibiting the mixture of packages. Among the students and staff in the CG department here at RU there’s definitely a very professional attitude, and I’m very pleased that that’s the case.