Alsea: Real time Game character rendered in Marmoset

My name is Frederic, and I think it’s almost my first post on the forum.
I learnt 3d at first on 3dsmax back when I was a Hi schooler .
Then I used Maya when I was at university.
Since now almost two years I started to use Blender, and God I love it !
So for my first post here, this is a character I created in Blender, and then exported in FBX to be rendered in Marmoset toolbag with real-time shaders…
Soon I wan’t to try to get similar results directly Inside blender using GLSL.

Her name is Alsea,
She’s about 29 000 tris
And she is shaded with marmoset " a skin shader for the body, mixed with a simple phong for the dress, a parralax shader for the eyes and an anisotropic shader with a comb map for the hair and the crown"