Alt+A crash on 2.32/2.33a

Hi, I’m a new Blender user and i try to model a simple creature.
I’ve setup a pretty static model with an armature (2 bones) for its mouth, as its two lips.
The model is at (267 KB).

PROBLEM: When I press Alt+A to see the mouth move, at the last frame of the animation
Blender crashes with a “Segmentation Fault”. This happens both on Blender 2.32 and 2.33a on Fedora Core Linux. Changing the end frame doesn’t matter, when anim preview reaches
that, Blender segfaults. This is not the first time Alt+A crashes but the only time when
deleting+recreating the armature won’t fix it.

Videocard: GeForce2MX+nvidia drivers, pretty stable.

Any ideas?

run windows?

did you have any sounds in there? [I didn’t see any but I didn’t look to hard]

No sounds. I can run Alt-A and Shft-Alt-A from all windows. Win XP, Trident card.

Look at the bug reports here:

There are some segfault reports with linux that have solutions.


funny, i came round the bug by creating an empty .blend and importing the model and
the armature there, no more crashes

thanks for your help!

[edit - after a while] -> no, i was wrong, the bug is still there on linux, but not on win XP

this is SDL problem.
I dont know if empty really fixes it… but this does:


put that in your .bashrc … and should work normal.