"Alt" and "Shift" key stopped working after upgrading to version 2.62

So… I’m pretty new to blender. Been a 2D animator/artist for quite a while and am starting to get the hang of 3D. Since I was using Blender sporadically, I had version 2.48 from when I downloaded it this past summer. I decided it was time to upgrade to 2.62; however, when I opened the updated version, the “alt” and “shift” keys stopped working, preventing me from navigating 3 dimensionally (they worked fine on the earlier version). The scroll wheel on the mouse works fine and same with the right and left click. Is this an actual bug or am I just not getting something here. Also, I’m using the mouse that came with my Wacom tablet if that changes anything.

Turn on “emulate three button mouse” under the input tab in the preferences.

Also, you can set the pen shoulder button to middle-mouse click (that’s what I do).

Yup… works. Sorry for the beginner question. Thanks for the help though!